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Get rid of Nasty skunks once and for all

Did you recently notice a skunk moving inside your premises? If yes, Burlington Wildlife can help you get rid of these notorious animal species. Skunks are tiny creatures with a single stripe over their body. They live underground and can be seen in the yards during the summers. They can eat anything from small rodents, snakes, worms, insects to pet food and bird feeder.

Being a locally owned and operated skunk removal company in Burlington, ON, we are assisting both residential and commercial clients in removing this smelly creature from your property.

Safe Trapping & Humane Removal

The use of pesticides or insecticides poses a health danger to both the human and animal species. Moreover, it is not at all an effective and long-term solution for getting rid of skunks. To deal with the skunk population, our wildlife removal experts utilize eco-friendly products and equipment for skunk pest control in Burlington, ON.
Since skunks spray a weird smell whenever it senses danger, it’s advised to remain careful when the service is being practiced. At Burlington Wildlife, we employ only licensed wildlife control professionals to make sure the job is done right the very first time along with assuring safety.

What Do We Do?

At Burlington Wildlife, we have a team of skunk control experts in Burlington that specialize in delivering humane skunk trapping, removal, and prevention services. No matter, the invasion inside your property is severe or mild, we can handle the job effectively. Some of our skunk control services in Burlington, ON include:

Long Term Skunk Control in Burlington

While the common control methods, like installing fences and enclosed interiors can greatly help in keeping the skunks away, eliminating their infestation permanently requires a lot more effort. To ensure that these tiny animals are not able to gain entry inside your yard in the near future, it is important to seal the unneeded openings with a mesh wire. Since wildlife often invades a home in search of food and water, try to limit the food and water sources inside your yard. Clear away the organic matter and the dried leaves clutter to distract them from capturing your home.

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We can help you get rid of the ongoing skunk problems. Call our Burlington skunk removal experts today to schedule an inspection and prevention service.

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