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Skunks are unique mammals known for their black and white fur patterns and the potent defensive spray they emit when feeling threatened. They have a stocky build with short legs and a bushy tail – they are typically black in colour with one or two white stripes that extend from their heads to their tails. Skunks have small eyes, rounded ears, and sharp claws that are designed for digging.


Skunks can be found in a variety of habitats, including forests, grasslands, and urban areas.In non-residential areas, they may live in burrows or dens they dig for themselves or take over abandoned burrows of other animals. In residential neighbourhoods, skunks may choose to inhabit yards, gardens, or even take up residence in crawl spaces, under sheds or decks, or detached garages. They prefer areas with ample food sources, water, and cover from the elements. This is especially true when looking for a place to birth and raise their babies, which occurs around the months of May and June.


Skunks are generally nocturnal, being most active during the night. They are omnivores with a varied diet, including insects, small mammals, birds, fruits, and vegetables. They are not aggressive creatures and will always almost choose to try to avoid confrontation. However, when feeling threatened, they can release a strong-smelling spray as a defense mechanism. The spray is composed of sulphur compounds, which have a strong odour that can cause discomfort, nausea, and temporary blindness if it comes into contact with the eyes. Getting sprayed by a skunk is extremely unpleasant and the odour can be challenging to remove from clothing, pets, and the affected area. Skunks can also be carriers of diseases such as rabies, although the incidence of rabies in skunks is generally low.

Safe Trapping & Humane Removal

The use of pesticides or poisons poses a health danger to both humans and animals. Moreover, it is not a legal or an effective long-term solution for getting rid of skunks. To deal with the skunk population, our wildlife removal experts utilize live-trapping and labour intensive prevention methods for skunk removal in Burlington, ON.
Since skunks spray a weird smell whenever it senses danger, it’s advised to remain careful when the service is being practiced. At Burlington Wildlife, we employ only licensed wildlife control professionals to make sure the job is done right the very first time along with assuring safety.

Why Have Skunks Chosen My Property?

Skunks are becoming a more and more common wildlife concern in many cities, Burlington included. They have become increasingly habituated to human activities and disturbances. Residential areas with regular human presence may not pose a significant enough threat to skunks, allowing them to tolerate and coexist with people in close proximity. They seek out areas that allow them access to suitable nesting opportunities for themselves and their young, as well as readily available food sources. Skunks will take advantage of garbage or compost piles that are easy to get into, but are also attracted to lawns with an abundance of grubs to dig up. If your property has any of these preferable attributes, you may find a skunk has decided to take up residence! 

How Can I Deter Skunks?

Skunks are generally shy and non-confrontational creatures, so making your property as un-inviting as possible will always be the best defense against a skunk intrusion. This includes eliminating shelter and denning sites, securing waste and food sources, and removing attractive habitat features whenever possible. Other deterrents may include the use of lights and sounds, as well as natural repellents, if more action is required. 


→ Shelter And Den Sites: Skunks prefer areas with ample cover and shelter. Clear away dense vegetation, brush piles and wood piles that can provide hiding spots. Seal off potential den sites by securing openings under decks, sheds, or other structures. Install barriers like fencing or lattice to block access to crawl spaces and other places where skunks can easily burrow to build dens.

→ Food and Waste: Skunks like to go after easily accessible food such as garbage, compost piles, or pet food that has been left outside. Ensure that any garbage cans have tight-fitting lids and cannot easily be tipped over. Store compost in enclosed bins or use a secure composting system. Bring pet food indoors, or remove it after feeding time. 

→ Attractive Habitat Features: Skunks are drawn to certain landscape features around your property. Trim shrubs and bushes away from the ground to reduce hiding places. Keep lawns well-maintained to minimize opportunities for insects and grubs, which skunks love to feed on. Consider using netting to protect gardens and plants.

→ Lights and Sound: Installing motion-activated lights can deter these nocturnal creatures by disrupting their natural behaviour. Similarly, devices that emit high-frequency noises designed for pest/wildlife control may help deter skunks away from your home.

→ Repellents: Some natural repellents available in stores or online may discourage skunks from entering your property. For example, substances with strong odours like ammonia, vinegar, or citrus peel may help to repel skunks away. Apply these around potential entry points, den sites, or areas of frequent activity. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of repellents can vary, and reapplication may be necessary (especially after rain).

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How Can Burlington Wildlife Help?

Since skunks can emit such a foul smell when startled or feeling afraid, it is always best to be cautious when realizing you have one (or multiple) intruding on your property. It is easy for pets and children to get sprayed unintentionally, or even yourself if you get too close. Although many people view skunks as a nuisance animal, skunks are an important part of the environment as they help control populations of insects, rodents, and other small mammals. By feeding on these creatures, skunks contribute to maintaining a balance in the ecosystem and natural pest control. However, if they have chosen your backyard as their cozy new home, Burlington Wildlife is here to offer professional services and guidance to manage their presence effectively.


Here is an overview of our services and a few of the ways that we may be able to help:

→ Assessment and Inspection: We will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify the extent of the skunk infestation and determine any potential entry points. We inspect to determine how skunks are gaining access to a den site. This initial evaluation helps to develop a customized and effective removal plan.

→ Repairs and Exclusion: We want to make sure that once the skunks are excluded from the area, we repair entry points and secure the structure against future wildlife intrusions. Potential access areas are sealed off using durable materials, such as heavy-gauge wire mesh, to stop skunks from being able to re-burrow. This is a crucial step in long-term successful prevention. 

→ Cleanup and Sanitization: Skunks can leave behind droppings, urine, and nesting materials, which can pose health risks. Our team will evaluate this risk and can offer services to clean and sanitize the affected areas, eliminating any potential contamination. 

→ Compliance with Regulations: We are a licensed wildlife removal company with years of experience, and have the necessary knowledge to handle wildlife-related issues in compliance with local laws. We understand the restrictions surrounding the humane removal of skunks, ensuring that the process is always legal and ethical.  


Let our expertise and professional equipment help to provide efficient and lasting solutions for any skunks invading your property! 

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