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Squirrels are small to medium-sized mammals but are also considered part of the rodent family. Common squirrel species, such as the Eastern gray squirrel, often have gray or brown fur, while others may have reddish or black coats. Squirrels have long, bushy tails that they use for balance and communication. Squirrels are well-adapted for climbing trees and leaping between branches. Their front teeth grow continuously, meaning they need to gnaw/chew whenever possible!


Squirrels are mainly active during the daytime, and have a high energy level. They spend a majority of their time leaping from tree to tree, or running along branches. Their diet is omnivorous, consisting of nuts, seeds, fruits, and insects.


While squirrels are appreciated for their playful behaviour and entertaining antics, they can easily become a nuisance or even pose dangers when living in residential areas. They can cause structural damage, chew on electrical wiring, or cause a mess in gardens. While rare, squirrels can carry diseases such as tularemia and may be a host to ticks or fleas. Their droppings can also pose health risks if found in areas where humans have direct contact.

What Can I Do To Deter Squirrels?

To discourage squirrels from residing in unwanted areas, it is important to take preventative measures such as sealing off potential entries, trimming tree branches away from structures, and securing any food sources. Implementing squirrel-proofing measures can redirect their activity and encourage them to seek alternative habitats. 


→ Food Sources: Make sure that any garbage cans have tight-fitting lids, and if you have a bird feeder, ensure that any bird seed is regularly cleaned up from the ground. Consider investing in bird feeders specifically designed to deter squirrels. If you have a garden,  fencing or netting can help to protect your plants and produce. 

→ Squirrel-Proofing Devices: Place squirrel baffles or cones on poles that support bird feeders or birdhouses to prevent squirrels from climbing up and accessing them. This method can also be used on other items/for other areas – these devices create a slippery barrier that makes it difficult for squirrels to reach these desirable spots.

→ Tree Branches: Trim tree branches that are close to your house, especially any that provide easy access to attics or roof areas. Removing overhanging branches can make it more challenging for squirrels to jump onto your property. 

→ Entry Points: Use materials like steel mesh or hardware cloth to cover openings or gaps around the house. Secure it tightly with screws or nails, making sure there are no loose edges for squirrels to potentially pry open. 

Why Have Squirrels Chosen My Property?

In urban neighbourhoods, suitable tree hollows are often scarce or unavailable. Squirrels may seek alternative nesting sites such as private backyards or attic spaces. Attics offer a secure and secluded space that mimics their natural habitat. Backyards with trees, shrubs or bird feeders provide accessible food sources which may encourage squirrels to nest nearby. Residential areas are also relatively safe compared to other areas squirrels would typically live in, offering fewer predators which allows squirrels to feel safe enough to establish permanent dens. If your property is secluded, offers protection from the elements and an easy source of food, squirrels may decide to stick around! This is especially true during breeding season, where squirrels often find their way into attics when searching for a safe space to raise their babies. 

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How Can Burlington Wildlife Help?

Many people see squirrels on a regular basis around their neighbourhood or in their yard, and don’t pay them too much attention.  Squirrels are an important part of our ecosystem, helping in seed dispersal, forest regeneration, and acting as prey in a larger food chain. Squirrels and humans can peacefully share similar spaces, but once they find their way into your roof or attic, the damage they can cause is a real threat. When structural damage or chewed electrical wires becomes a reality, our team at Burlington Wildlife is ready to provide thorough and prompt assistance.  


Here is an overview of our services and a few of the ways that we may be able to help:

→ Assessment and Inspection: We will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify the extent of the squirrel infestation and determine any potential entry points. We inspect to determine how squirrels are gaining access, and look into any damage caused. This initial evaluation helps to develop a customized and effective removal plan.

→ Repairs and Exclusion: We want to make sure that once the squirrels are gone from the property, we repair entry points and secure the home against future wildlife intrusions. Potential access areas are sealed off using durable materials, such as heavy-gauge wire mesh, to stop squirrels from re-entering. This is a crucial step in long-term successful prevention. 

→ Cleanup and Sanitization: Squirrels can leave behind droppings, urine, and nesting materials, which can pose health risks. Our team will evaluate this risk and can offer services to clean and sanitize the affected areas, eliminating any potential contamination. 

→ Compliance with Regulations: We are a licensed wildlife removal company with years of experience, and have the necessary knowledge to handle wildlife-related issues in compliance with local laws. We understand the restrictions surrounding the humane removal of squirrels, ensuring that the process is always legal and ethical.  


Let our expertise and professional equipment help to provide efficient and lasting solutions for any squirrels invading your property! 

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