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Humane Wildlife Removal

Our trained professionals remove your wildlife using a humane, effective, and guaranteed approach.

Lifetime guarantee

We promise our workmanship and materials will stand the test of time. Call us to see the difference.


Fast and Safe Wildlife Removal

We remove and relocate nuisance animals safely, at a reasonable cost to the homeowner.

Professional & Humane Wildlife Removal. Burlington, ON

If you are searching for wildlife removal in Burlington then you’ve come to the right place. Burlington Wildlife specializes in the removal and relocation of all types of animals and wildlife. We are a licensed and insured company committed to offering exceptional quality services to both our residential and commercial clients. If you’ve got some form of wildlife in your attic, ruining the inside or outside of your home; just contact us. We will remove them from your property in a timely and safe manner.

Your Humane Wildlife Removal & Control Specialist

Burlington Wildlife Removal Inc. always use humane practices to permanently remove and exclude wildlife from homes and buildings. While removing wildlife from your home, our wildlife removal experts in Burlington ensure the structural integrity of your home remains intact. We offer permanent, proven and guaranteed results.

Our Wildlife Control Services Burlington, ON

Bat Removal Services
Have bats invaded your property? If yes, then come to us. At Burlington Wildlife, we have the right professionals and techniques to prevent bats from your place quickly and efficiently.
Raccoon Removal Services
If you find raccoon hiding under the deck, call us immediately. Our goal is to relocate nuisance animals safely, including repairing the entry points & preventing future wildlife problems.
Skunk Removal Services
Our skunk removal services will protect your home and yard from skunk infestations in a quick and effective manner. We are well-aware of the habitat and nature of skunks, so rest assured.
Squirrel Removal Services
At once, squirrels may look sweet and nice. But, in reality they can cause an immense damage to your property. They can chew on plumbing fixtures, electrical wires, causing hazards to your property.
Possum Removal Services
We will come to your home or business and provide a consultation for your unique possum removal issue. With years of experience, we know how to get the job done right the first time.
Other Wildlife Removal
We understand that encountering wildlife animals in your residential or commercial property can be frightening. But don’t worry, we are here. Count on our experts for all your wildlife removal needs.

Facing A Wildlife Invasion In Your Property? Let our experts help you.


These guys helped me remove the scary raccoon family from our property. They were quick and professional. Highly recommended.


Thanks a lot for preventing those annoying squirrels from my yard. I am really grateful to you guys.

John Doe

Thank you so much Burlington Wildlife for your help and support. Now, we can live in peace.

Boris Hunt

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