Is there a family of possums that is keeping you awake the whole night? Are there any scratching & hissing sounds coming from the roof? If yes, call Burlington Wildlife right away to remove the possum population from your property. We have a team of experts for possum control in Burlington, ON who are trained to provide an effective and long-term possum removal and prevention service. To help you own possum-free premises, we make use of eco-friendly products that are proven to deal with these unwanted tiny creatures.

Residential & Commercial Possum Removal in Burlington, ON

Being a licensed and insured wildlife control company in Burlington, ON, we have managed to earn a customer reputation by delivering services that go beyond your expectations. When it comes to removing possums, we never recommend you to attempt a do-it-yourself method as it can turn out to be dangerous.

How We Do It?

At Burlington Wildlife, we offer an effective, safe & humane way to control possums. In order to remove them from your roof and yard, we follow the given steps:

  • We block all the entry points and reinforce the potential areas from where these creatures gain entry.
  • After that, we place a one way exit into your roof to allow the existing possum to exit your roof.
  • Once all the possums have exited from the roof as per our knowledge, we remove the one way exit.
  • To capture possums that refuse to leave, we place or install a caged trap in your roof or attic.

Why Choose Us for Possum Removal in Burlington, ON

Our experts remain fully equipped with all the protective gear and have the right skills and training to handle any complex to minor possum invasion. With years of experience in the industry, we provide high quality residential and commercial possum control and removal services in Burlington.

  • We provide guaranteed wildlife control.
  • We inspect & secure the possible entry ways.
  • We serve both residential & commercial clients.
  • We offer eco-friendly & humane possum removal.

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