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Possums, also known as opossums, are marsupials native to North and South America. These unique creatures have distinctive features and behaviours that set them apart from other mammals that people may come across in Burlington.

To determine if what you are looking at is a possum, look for the unique appearance of long snouts, pointy ears, and hairless tails. They are typically about the size of an average house cat, although this can vary depending on species. Their fur ranges in colour from brown to grey. One of their most noteworthy characteristics is their ability to “play dead” when feeling threatened – they may lie down on their side, become limp, and emit a foul odour to deter predators. 

Possums are highly adaptable animals, and they can thrive both in rural and urban environments, including residential areas. In residential settings, they can easily find suitable shelter and food sources. They can often be found creating dens in attics, garages, sheds, or underneath decks. Their ability to climb and tendency to explore can lead them to access these various spaces. 

While possums are generally not aggressive in nature, they may display defensive behaviours when feeling threatened. In rare cases, they may bite or scratch humans or pets if they feel cornered or scared. Additionally, possums are known carriers of various diseases which can pose serious health risks.

Residential & Commercial Possum Removal in Burlington, ON

Being a licensed and insured wildlife control company in Burlington, ON, we have managed to earn a customer reputation by delivering services that go beyond your expectations. When it comes to removing possums, we never recommend you to attempt a do-it-yourself method as it can turn out to be dangerous.

Why Has a Possum Chosen My Property?

As mentioned, possums are great climbers and love to explore wherever they can. If there is any area of your property that is vulnerable to wildlife intrusions (such as an unrepaired hole in the roof), there is a good chance that a possum will discover it and find their way inside. During their baby season, which begins in March and can often extend until August, possums are even more on the lookout for safe spaces to raise their young. Possums are also considered to be highly opportunistic feeders, and are attracted to bird feeders, pet food, accessible garbage, and fallen fruit. Any access to easy food, water, or shelter can mean an encounter with one of these animals.

What Can I Do to Deter Possums From My Property?

Possums may invade residential properties, but they can often coexist peacefully with humans and other animals alike. To reduce the chances of a possum choosing your property for their next long-term stay, it’s important to remove any possible food sources, keep garbage properly sealed, and make sure any potential entry points are secured. 

→ Entry Points: Conduct a thorough inspection around your property to identify any gaps that possums can use to access your home, such as broken vents, openings in the structure, or damaged screens. Seal these areas with sturdy material to prevent possums from getting in. 

→ Food: Minimize potential food attractants by ensuring trash cans have tight-fitting lids, and avoid leaving pet food outdoors overnight. If there are any fruit trees or bird feeders around the home, promptly clean up any fallen fruit or birdseed that ends up on the ground. 

→ Light and Sound: Possums will always prefer to create a den in a place that is quiet and dark. Consider installing motion-activated lights around your property to deter them, as well as devices that can emit high-frequency sounds. These devices can help in creating an unfavourable environment for possums and discourage their presence. 

→ Trees and Branches: Possums can easily use trees to gain access onto your property. Trim back overhanging branches that are close to the house or any other structures, as it reduces the possibility of them using those as travel routes.

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How Can Burlington Wildlife Help?

While possums can be seen as a nuisance, they play a very vital role in the ecosystem. They help control pests such as insects and rodents, which no one likes to experience! However, if their presence becomes problematic and/or dangerous, it is always advisable to consult with a local wildlife removal professional to find humane and appropriate solutions to manage the situation. When deterrent methods have not been successful, or a possum has already created an established den, Burlington Wildlife can provide assistance.

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